Window Well Grates

So you don't want a window well cover but you want something to protect animals and large debris from entering your window well. Well, don't fret, because Cover Up also provides custom-fit solid metal mesh covers. These mesh covers (or grates) fit on the outside diameter of the well. They can be pushed off from the inside without the risk of falling inside the window well making cleaning a breeze or emergency egress easier and faster. Our window well grates will create a finished look to your landscaping as well. Plus, all our grates are made in the USA.

Our grates are durable and strong because they are made from galvanized steel with a powder coating over the top and completed with a tight weave mesh that protects the well from small feet, intruders and natural yard debris, yet permits basement window ventilation. The extremely durable finish doesn't allow rust to form...ever!

And of course, if you like the look of the grate, but do not want rain, snow, moisture or smaller yard debris to enter the window well, we will customize a cover overlay that will protect the window well and the grate from the elements.

Window Well Grates

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  • Eliminate Potential Hazards
  • Protect Children
  • Durable High Performance Polycarbonate Material
  • Holds up to 800 lbs of weight
  • Keep out Rain, Snow, Debris, and Animals
  • Eliminate the Need for Constant Cleaning
  • Prevent Well Flooding
  • Energy Efficient

"I had my covers installed few years ago by Cover Up. We just decided to add ladders to 2 of our wells. Thank you for the courteous service you provided."

Cassie from Orland Park, IL

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